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Click for larger image Jan 2 1902 Folsom California RFD Navajo Blanket Weaver Detroit Post Card Williams Book pictured example Type SAC-1040, dated Jan 2 1902 clear strike.
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Click for larger image 1860s Folsom Sacramento County California Leaf Killer to Bancroft Nevada Cal Cover William Sac-960 canceled Feb. 8. Small tears top edge,light stain at left.
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Click for larger image May 1 1861 Folsom City 3 cent Star Die Postal Stationery To Buckeye Yolo California Cover Williams cancel type Sac-940,earliest recorded date for type. Cover reduced at right edge.
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Click for larger image 1879 Folsom Sacramento County To Cloverdale Sonoma California Cover Williams Sac-970 only recorded date this cover. July 26 1879. To Mrs. Preston,reduced at right edge.
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Click for larger image 1860s Folsom Sacramento County California Cover to Sutter Creek Amador County Williams cancel type Sac-950. Same date as earliest recorded date.
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Click for larger image 1858-1860s Folsom City California #26 to St. Helena Napa Cover Unrecorded cancel type,Williams Sac-930 with out Cal.C.R.R. Killer. Cover reduced at left edge.
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Click for larger image 1902 Represa California Only Recorded Registered Cancel Type Folsom State Prison CC Represa only recorded registered cancel type John Williams California cancels SAC-2240. Folsom State Prison CC legal size cover reduced at left edge,stain at left.
id #4662
Click for larger image 1843 USS Cyane Stampless Letter to the Navy Ship that Conquered California Thomas W. Clymer. Autograph Letter Signed. Morrisville, Pennsylvania. June 1, 1843. 4pp. including stampless address leaf. To Dr. George Clymer, U.S.Ship Cyane, Pacific Ocean. (Mailed at New York on the Brig Eclipse, for Chagres [Panama]. Docketed by Dr. Clymer: “Recd. at San Blas [Mexico], at 7 p.m., Jany. 11th 1844, by the Modeste from Valparaiso)
Noting that his brothers letters took nearly 50 days to reach Philadelphia, Thomas Clymer sends local and family gossip, American financial news at the end of five-year domestic Depression (All stocks of any value are up. Money is plenty, good investments sought after, and as a corollary, business at a stand still), reports of the Great Comet of 1843 (no malign influence on the weather or dangers of any sort to the earth) and discussions in the press of the inadequacy of the pay and accommodations of the Medical officers of the Navy.
When this letter was on its way to Dr. Clymer, the Naval Surgeon aboard the Cyane, that vessel, part of the Pacific Squadron commanded by Commodore Catesby Jones, was about to sail from South America to the Hawaiian Islands - after causing an international incident that had nearly started a war. Nine months before, Jones had received false news that the United States and Mexico, at loggerheads since the Texas Revolution, had gone to war – and that the British were about to take advantage of the situation to seize control of California. To forestall a British occupation, Jones Squadron had sailed into Monterey Bay on October 19, 1842 to demand the surrender of that capital of Mexican Alta California, to the United States. Mexican officials willingly complied - until the embarrassing word reached Monterey that there was no war, that the British fleet was nowhere in the vicinity, and that the whole incident was a huge error. After spending several months smoothing the ruffled feathers of Mexican officials, Jones sailed off to the Hawaiian Islands, where rumors of threatened British conquest were more valid. When Dr. Clymer received this letter, six months after it was written, the Cyane was back from its wanderings, docked at San Blas, a small port on the Pacific Ocean between Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. Ironically, Clymer, a blueblood 39 year-old Philadelphia physician whose grandfather had signed the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. would later marry the daughter of Commodore William Shubrick, who, during the real Mexican-American War, would capture San Blas and also oversee the "authorized" US occupation of Monterey which the unfortunate Jones had foreshadowed years before.

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Click for larger image May 27 Santa Rosa to Folsom City Forwarded to Auburn Care of CTH Palmer Wells Fargo Agent May 29 1864 year dated Williams cancel Sac-960. Cover reduced at left edge.
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