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Sacramento Gold Rush Paper Show January 29-31 2016

La Quinta Inn HWY 50 & Sunrise Exit 18
11131 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova CA
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Special Room Rate Week of Show
Friday January 29 1:00 pm-6:00 pm
Saturday January 30 10:15 am-6:00 pm
Sunday January 31 10:15 am-3:00 pm

Sacramento Philatelic Society Stamp Show Nov 6-7

SACAPEX 2015 At Scottish Rite Masonic Center
Mark Baker,Buying Stamp Collections Covers & Post Cards
Saturday November 7 10am-6pm
Sunday November 8 10am-4pm

Our newest featured items

Click for larger image 1850s Nevada City 3c Paid Miners Coat of Arms Illustrated Cover to Rhode Island Miners Cover 1850s Miners Coat of Arms, (printed at left) Published by Barber & Baker, Sacramento. Stampless cover canceled Nevada City March 28 - 3 Paid in circle, Numeral 6 manuscript Paid at upper left corner. . Cover addressed to Miss Catharine Clark Wakefield P.Office Washington Co. Rhoade Island, at left edge reading up from lower. P Master at WakeF please Forward. Short lower left corner , 90% of back flap removed, some tears backed with flap paper.
id #3155
Click for larger image James W Marshall Coloma Gold Discovery Site Sutters Account Gold Rush Illustrated Letter Sheet James W Marshall Coloma Gold Discovery Site Printer Britton & Rey Letter Sheet with inside blank sheet attached (blank sheet at back has 3 inch tear. Outer sheet with printing good condition with crease folds,Pictorial letter sheet: Captain Sutters account of the discovery of gold, with portrait of James Wilson Marshall, and picture of Sutters Mill; printed in 1854. History: Letter sheet tells John Sutters version of how gold was discovered in 1848. He was at home resting, he says, when James Marshall, who had just left two days earlier to repair the sawmill Sutter owned on the American River, returned with gold samples that had been found in the stream below the mill. The two men returned to the site and discovered gold nuggets up to an ounce and half, both above and below the mill. Unhappily for Sutter and Marshall, they could not keep their find a secret. By the end of 1848, the news had flashed around the world, and the Gold Rush was in full swing.
id #3150
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